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Fresh Approach carries a wide range of authentic Chinese ingredients used in Hakka and Canton dishes, which have been popular for many decades in Jamaica. We also carry ingredients used in many other regional styles such as Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian, and Henan to name a few. We also have a wide variety of Chinese haberdasheries like woks, cleavers, chopping boards, teapots, bowls, spoons, and more!

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Requests for Japanese products has grown tremendously with the explosion of sushi onto Jamaica's culinary scene. We stock many popular Japanese items such as Japanese rice, rice vinegar, Sake, Mirin, Wasabi, pickled ginger, Udon noodles and other Japanese seasonings. We also sell sushi moulds and mats.



Korean cuisine's popularity is growing steadily around the world. We carry Kimchi, Korean red pepper powder and paste, Korean noodles and many other necessities for your favourite Korean dishes.


South East Asia

Thai cuisine is tremendously popular all over the world. We carry what you need for your favourite Thai dishes like Pad Thai and Thai curry. We also have staples from many other South-Eastern Asian countries like The Philippines, Burma (Myanmar) and Malaysia.

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